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Amazing Surface Detail!

The Enhanced Contrast Viewing Mode makes measured surface detail pop off the screen by accentuating the visual features on a 3D scan. Note that the enhanced contrast does NOT adjust the measured 3D surface, it simply changes the lighting model of the graphics rendering algorithm. The surface is still the same surface you measured with your TopMatch-GS 3D system.

Enhanced Contrast Mode is available in our flagship TopMatch Imaging and Analysis software as well as our free Cadre Viewer

The following sample images show the Normal Contrast Mode on the left and the Enhanced Contrast Mode on the right. Moving your mouse over the Normal Contrast image toggles the view to the Enhanced image. Move your mouse on/off the image at the left to see the amazing detail brought out by Enhanced Contrast mode.

Cartridge Case 1 (Glock 22, 40 S&W)

Cartridge Case 2 (Hi-Point C9, 9mm Luger)

Cartridge Case 3 (Hi-Point C, 9mm Luger)

Cartridge Case 4 (Smith & Wesson SW40V, 40 S&W)

Cartridge Case 5 (Norinco Tu-90, 9mm Luger)

Cartridge Case 6 (NIST Standard Casing, SRM 2461)

Cartridge Case 7 (Ruger P95, 9mm Luger)