• TopMatch-GS 3D
    3D Imaging and Analysis for Firearm Forensics
    Captures Micron Scale Surface Geometry
    Fast, Accurate, High-Resolution 3D Surface Measurement
    Validated Correlation and Database Search Algorithms
    Backed by an Interdisciplinary Team of Computational and Forensics Researchers

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Database Search and Automated Comparison

Organize evidence and test-fires according to laboratory case, record case number and related incident information, and conduct searches (automated casing comparisons) on all or a subset of your scans.

Tested Match Accuracy

The TopMatch casing comparison algorithms combine a match score with a statistical significance measure ensuring zero false-positive matches seen to date. Learn more about our
Experimental Results

FBI to Use Cadre's TopMatch-GS 3D System

Cadre Forensics is a provider of 3D Surface Topography scanning hardware and software to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Firearms/Toolmarks Unit. In May 2017, after completing an internal validation study, the Quantico, Virginia based FBI-FTU went live with the use of the TopMatch system. Announcement

Version 3 Scanner Available Fall 2017!

Orders for the TopMatch-GS 3D Version 3 system are now being taken. The new scanner extends V2 with a new imaging subsystem and an automated scanning tray for up to 15 cartridge cases. Load the tray and let the system collect the scans! While the V3 system is still under wraps, you can learn more about the V2 system below. Jump the line by requesting more information. Check back as more details are released!    Contact Us

Cadre Virtual Microscopy Software Paper Published

Cadre's research group's paper "Development and Validation of a Virtual Examination Tool for Firearm Forensics" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Forensic Sciences (to appear Spring/Summer 2018). This work describes a study conducted using our Virtual Mircoscopy Software and 3D topographic scans of cartridge cases collected using our TopMatch-GS 3D scanner. The study involved fifteen labs and fifty six participants. In short, no errors were made by any examiners and all known-matches were correctly identified. We'll add a link to the Early View version of the paper when it appears online. Study Authors: Pierre Duez, Todd Weller, Marcus Brubaker, Richard Hockensmith II (CTS), Ryan Lilien. Click for more information on our Virtual Microscopy Viewer

Version 2 Scanner

The TopMatch-GS 3D Version 2 system is now available to government and private crime labs. The system includes scan acquisition hardware, desktop workstation, high resolution display, imaging and analysis software, and database search. A stand-alone Virtual Microscopy Workstation is also available.    Hardware Demo Video Contact Us for a Quote Scaner Information Sheet Virtual Microscopy Workstation

Fast 3D Surface Imaging

The TopMatch system utilizes the GelSight imaging sensor to measure the 3D surface topography of each cartridge case in approximately two minutes. Scans have micron scale lateral (x, y) and depth (z) resolution. Learn More

Development Team

The TopMatch system was designed by a team of Computer Science and Engineering PhDs in collaboration with Firearms Forensics experts. TopMatch combines the best ideas from both worlds.

Enhanced Contrast

Be sure to check out the Enhanced Contrast image gallery. Enhanced Contrast is a new viewing option which changes the lighting mode to bring out unprecedented surface detail. Gallery

Traceable Measurements / Quality Control

TopMatch implements a quality control protocol to ensure the reliability of all collected scans. Use of a traceable microscale reference from Rubert guarantees measurement accuracy.

3D Printed Models

Cadre has a patent pending process for converting 3D acquired surface topographies into enlarged 3D printed physical models for the courtroom, training. 3D Printing

Keeps Improving

All active TopMatch deployments receive access to the latest software updates. Features currently in development include: remote search functionality, speed and visualization improvements, and automatic identification of poorly marked casings.

The TopMatch Advantage

At the core of the TopMatch analysis and comparison system are a series of custom Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms. Computer Vision is the sub-discipline of Computer Science focused on understanding 2D and 3D image data. Machine Learning is the Computer Science sub-discipline focused on model building, statistics, inference, and decision making.
A trained TopMatch operator can typically scan over 30 casings per hour, approximately five times faster than other 3D technologies. This high throughput saves examiner time and reduces backlog. It allows a single examiner to enter multiple pieces of evidence and test-fires thereby increasing the likelihood of identifying a true positive match.
The TopMatch system is approximately the same cost as a forensic comparison microscope. A yearly maintenance package keeps your software updated, covers repairs, and provides access to consumables.
The TopMatch-GS 3D system was developed in close collaboration with Todd Weller (Criminalist, Oakland PD) and input from city, state, and federal forensics labs. These close relationships have guided hardware and software design improvements.
TopMatch organizes Evidence and Test-Fires into laboratory case files or Incidents. TopMatch implements a number of comparison tools including both computer guided analysis and match score as well as human guided virutal microscopy where casings can be compared using a virtual lightbox setup.
TopMatch is being developed to support Blind Verification efforts within a crime lab. After a human examiner comes to a conclusion regarding match vs non-match, the two compared casings can be brought to TopMatch for independent analysis. TopMatch will compare the two casings and render its opinion in the form of a numerical confidence score.
The TopMatch system stores your scans on your local machine. This makes their access extremely fast. Make backups, copy scans to thumb drives, send them by email, or exchange them over the soon-to-be announced CadreNexus. TopMatch fully supports the X3P file format. It's your data!

X3P File Format Standard.

Cadre and TopMatch fully support the now industry-standard X3P file format for the exchange of scan topographies. Supported by the OpenFMC group, any X3P enabled 3D scanner can export data to any X3P supporting analysis software. Any 3D scanner that supports X3P can be used with our software (e.g. many confocal microscopes). When comparing 3D scanners ask if they support X3P.    Learn More About X3P

Small Footprint

The TopMatch-GS 3D scanning unit measures 12" wide x 18" deep x 24" tall and sits easily on a desk. The system also includes a high-end desktop workstation. No back-end servers, rack-mounted machines, or off-site computing resources are required. You own your data, keep it in-house.

3D Visualization

The captured topography is truly a 3D surface and can be manipulated in a virtual environment. A virtual light can me positioned to visualize all 3D surface features. Save screen-shot images for use in other software and reports. Watch the Demo Video

American Technology

The TopMatch-GS 3D system's imaging sensor is based on MIT research. The core elastomeric sensor is developed by GelSight Inc, an American company located in Massachusetts. The adaptation of the sensor to forensics and the development of analysis and comparison algorithms is completed by Cadre Research, an American company with headquarters in Chicago.